Feb 13

Welcome to the New Year!

We sincerely hope that your business is off to a successful new year! The world of web design is forever changing. Our goal is to inform you of the latest trends, in order to assist in you staying ahead of the game. If you are able to do this, you will ensure that your online presence is exactly where it needs to be in 2017. The success of your business depends on it!


Video Usage Will Go Up

You will increasingly start to see more websites utilize immersive and unique video in homepage design. Up to this point many websites have clean and custom images on the homepage to grab a users attention. Other websites hire talented photographers to truly capture the unique aspects of a business. Video is an avenue that is increasingly being used by consumers on mobile devices. It is also true that consumers are beginning to find more appeals by brands via video as a viable and successful marketing option. Adding full screen video to a website will further hammer home the legitimacy and seriousness of a business from a creative standpoint.


Example: Deadliest Catch 360


Parallax & Depth Perception

Websites will increasingly begin to experiment with different ways that users can visualize and view websites from a creative perspective. Parallax is a way to do just that. In short, parallax is a site that allows the background to move at a different pace than the foreground. It has a way of giving users depth and a dynamic user experience. If done properly, it goes a long way in further engaging a user, which helps to keep them on the website for longer periods of time.


Example: Kontor

Font Experimentation

As innovation and technology move forward, there is an ever expanding number of resources that designers are using in regards to web font services. Big players such as Typekit, Paratype, and Monotype offer web designers a wide range of options to help their sites stand out. Our prediction is that you will see more sites that utilize big, bold, and creative font types in order to create an authentic user experience. Mixing just the right typography with images and video really go a long way in setting a website apart from the competition.


Example: teehan+lax



At Routine Solution, we pride ourselves on designing the most innovative and eye catching websites around. If you are in need of redesigning your site, or need want a mobile application designed and created we are the firm to call, or email! Our team of dedicated developers is ready and willing to get started on your project

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